Arrant Pedantry Designs 

Funny t-shirts for editors, grammar lovers, linguists, and word nerds. If you have any product requests—different shirts, different designs, whatever—or other questions, feel free to email me at All shirts are available in multiple colors, even though only one may be shown. My designs are also available for customization in the Spreadshirt Marketplace. And don't forget to visit the Arrant Pedantry blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed

Design ~ Editing Is Awesome

Editing Is Awesome

Design ~ Better Living Through Syntax

Better Living Through Syntax

Design ~ The Editor Strikes Back

The Editor Strikes Back

Design ~ Stet Wars

Stet Wars

Design ~ Battlestar Grammatica

Battlestar Grammatica

Design ~ Word Nerd

Word Nerd

Design ~ Silent Correction

Silent Correction

Design ~ Got Grammar

Got Grammar

Design ~ Better Living Through Phonology

Better Living Through Phonology

Design ~ Eschew Obfuscation

Eschew Obfuscation

Design ~ Arrant Pedantry

Arrant Pedantry

Design ~ IPA for the Win

IPA for the Win

Design ~ grammarisforlovers